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To make a donation or set up a recurring donation follow these easy steps.

  1. Find your church or fundraiser by searching for them in the search bar

    Search Bar
  2. Click on their name in the list of search results or click on the Donate Now button under their name:

    Fundraiser Profile
  3. When you click on their name you will be brought to the profile page where you can click on Donate Now

    Donate Now
  4. If you would like to make multiple donations, click on "Give Another Donation for:" and enter the amount you would like to give for each individual project.

    Give Another Donation
  5. To make your donation recurring, click on the "Periods" drop down tab and click your preferences.

    Recurring Preferences
  6. Finish filling in your information on how you would like to pay for your donation. If you are giving as a guest you will be required to provide an email address so Continue to Give can send you a receipt!
  7. To complete and finalize your gift, scroll to the bottom and click on "Donate Now


If you have any questions or need assistance call 800-684-0550 FREE!

Posted on: 11/13/2014

Step by Step Instructions on How to Edit Your Recurring Donations

If you have already set up a recurring donation and would like to extent it, pend/unpend it, or cancel it you can do that by following these easy steps.
(Pending a donation will pause that transaction until it has been un-paused or unpened.)

  1. While log in and go to your dashboard by clicking the "Home" button on the top right corner of the screen.

    Home Button

    Click on the "Home" text to go to your dashboard.

  2. Click on the "Reporting Tools" tab on the left hand side of your screen.

    Report Menu
  3. Click on the "Recurring Donations I Make" tab.
  4. Find the recurring donation you want to change and click the "View More" button under the "View/Modify" column.
  5. Now you can choose to terminate, pend, and extend the number of periods for their donation.


Terminate and set up a new recurring donation if:

  1. You have to change your payment information
  2. You want to change your billing cycle
  3. If you want to stop a recurring donation.

(One thing that cannot be changed is the type of donation period, you have to terminate your existing recurring donation and set up a new one. For example if you had a recurring donation that was $10 weekly, you cannot change it to monthly. To change this simply terminate the existing recurring donation and create a new one.)

Posted on: 08/17/2014