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Why Choose Continue To Give, Fundraising and Donor Management Software

Continue To Give is a faith based online tithing and giving platform founded on Biblical principles and designed for Churches, Missionaries, Nonprofits, Individuals, and Adopting Parents.

Our tools are designed to make the giving process easier and more convenient. By giving your supporters an easy way to give when they feel moved, we know we can help your cause grow!

Whether you are a Church looking for steady tithes, or an adopting parent looking to raise money, our great tools will get you there.

Great reasons to choose Continue To Give:
  1. Faith based organization
  2. Built on principle with integrity
  3. Secure (PCI Compliant)
  4. Better Pricing
  5. Complete System (Giving Plus Management System)
  6. More Features
  7. Expert support
  8. Excellent reviews
Fundraising Platform

Our Vision

To provide God honoring technology that supports churches, organizations, missionaries, and people as they pursue their mission.

Our Mission

To make giving easy and convenient for supporters by providing powerful tools such as text, kiosk and mobile giving.

To make technology that is easy for both the donor and receiver to use.

To provide a safe and secure donation platform.

To provide an affordable donation platform.

To provide a valuable and quality product to those we serve.

To provide a great customer experience.

To provide kind and sincere help and instructions to our clients.

To provide an online community of efficiency, trust, friendship, transparency, and synergy that is focused on helping those in need.

To provide a way for the "small guy" with limited resources to raise the awareness and funds needed for the cause.

To provide people and organizations both large and small the infrastructure needed to keep trusting friendships alive with their donors by keeping images, posts, and other social activities up to date.

To provide a self-advertising platform with our "Giving Pages" and through integration with social media.

To reach and serve as many churches, missionaries, and nonprofits world wide as possible.

Our Story

"As a missionary, I know the importance of connecting with your donors and making it easy for them to give. With that in mind, we have set out to create the best platform ever!" "

- Jesse Wellhoefer (Founder)
Jesse With Kids

Meet the founding team

Our founders are here to serve you

Jesse Wellhoefer

Jesse Wellhoefer

(CEO and Founder)

As a missionary, and software developer, Jesse knows what ministries need, and how to build it.

Abigail Schulz

Abigail Schulz

Director of Support

With years of helping Churches and Nonprofits under her belt, Abigail knows how to find solutions to solve your needs.

More reasons to love Continue To Give

Most affordable online giving system
Most user friendly online giving system
2019 Most User Friendly Church Software

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Our Internal Core Values

Champion the Vision and Mission of Continue To Give.
-You must care about the Vision and Mission of Continue To Give enough to champion the cause.

Desire to have a legacy of helping people.

Kaizen - The practice of continual improvement (For self, and company).

Deliver WOW through best in class products that bless those who use them.

Spirit of teamwork and synergy.

Learn - Learn from what you do as well as pursuing new knowledge.

Grow - Work toward personal growth and development.

Expand - Use your growth and what you have learned to expand how you can help the mission.

Be passionate and determined.

Tell the Truth - Be honest but understand that your reality may not be shared with others which leads to Respect and Acceptance.

Give respect and acceptance. We are not all the same and that is ok. Let people be who they are not who you want them to be.

Work smarter and harder.

A commitment to serving our customers in a time-friendly, personal, professional manner.

Be flexible and open minded. Work toward helping others in the best way possible, even if it is something new and difficult at first.

Reliability. Make sure others can count on you.

Serventude. Continue To Give is here to serve, so we must serve each other in order to make that happen.




Take responsibility.

Do not gossip.

Consider the needs of others before making decisions.

Top Ranking Church Management System

According to Design Rush and Top Software Developent Companies, Continue To Give is ranked as one of the best! 10+ Best Church Management Software Solutions In 2020