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Fundraising is hard work! You have a great cause and you need people to donate to you. You want to meet your fundraising goal, but how do you do it?

Everyone who wants to have a successful personal fundraiser need to learn marketing. Marketing may sound intimidating at first but it is actually very simple and easy for you to do. Here are some basic marketing tips for you to make your fundraiser a success!

If you need to start a fundraiser click here.

You need to Catch the Reader's Attention:

Your Title: The title of your fundraiser needs to point to exactly what your fundraiser is for. For example if you are raising money for a friend who has cancer make your title. "Help Ashley Beat Cancer"

This catches the readers attention with key words. "Ashley", this is someones name. By putting the persons name in the title you bring a personal relationship to your readers. "Help", this is a call to action that the reader will see as "what is my part in this tragedy". "Beat Cancer", this is the specific reason for your fundraiser. You want to raise money for medical and more specifically cancer.

Your Mission Statement: Your mission statement is extremely important for the sake of your fundraiser. It is what shows up when someone shares your page on their twitter. Limit your mission statement to one sentence. You can even repeat your title if it clearly defines your fundraiser. Remember key words are what people will pull away from your fundraiser. If you want to tell a story or write a paragraph do so in your description statement and not your mission.

Videos and Pictures: Give your fundraiser a picture or video. Let your readers know that this is a real fundraiser and you really have a genuine cause.

Share, Share, Share: If people don't know about it how will they know to donate? Share on facebook, share on twitter, and bring attention to your fundraiser. Start a blog. Sell t-shirts or wrist bands. The point is to keep people talking and thinking about it.

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Posted on: 11/19/2014

If you don't already know your Continue to Give online giving platform comes with a free text to donate number. You can use this number for anything, print it on flyers, in the church bulletin on newsletters, etc.

But how do they work?Here is a step by step guide to using your text to donate numbers:

1. You can find your text to donate numbers on your dashboard or on your profile page on the right hand side in the green column under "Spread the Word" and "Go Mobile"

Go Mobile

2. Use the 10 digit number as the contact and the other number as your personal text number as shown below:


3. Once you send the text Continue to Give will respond with your link so your givers can click and give! It's that simple!

Send SMS

Don't forget for each profile page you create it has it's own unique Text to Donate number! That means for every project, missionary, and giving page you will have separate numbers to advertise differently!

If you need mobile giving sign up for your free account today!
Posted on: 11/10/2014

1. Accept donations on your Facebook page:

Facebook Donation

2. Accept donations on your organization's website:

Organization website

3. Start a Mobile Campaign with your own QR Code and Text to Donate number!

Mobile Campaign

4. Create a Project!

CTG Project

5. Keep an up-to-date blog or newsletter!

6. Send out personal emails to already participating givers thanking them for their donation and asking if they would consider setting up a recurring donation every month.

7. Give away or sell fundraising merchandise!

Fundraising Merchandise

Start your free online fundraising with us today; churches, nonprofits, individuals welcome!
Posted on: 10/06/2014

We love to see you reach your fundraising goals!

Fundraising Goal

We interviewed Krista with Chances 4 Children who was raising money for women in Haiti to learn how to make jewelry to make a sustainable living for their families. We talked to Krista to see what fundraising methods she used to reach her fundraising goal with Continue to Give and to see how Krista liked working with us! Below are Krista's answers.

Krista Fundraising

1. What tools did you use the most? Donor tracking, online giving profile, and social media crowdfunding tools.

2. Were you happy with Continue to Give's rates? Yes!

3. Did you have anything creative that you used us for? Crowdfunding and sharing on social media.

4. How would you rate using Continue to Give and our tools on a scale from 1 to 10? 10!

5. Would you use Continue to Give again for fundraising? Yes!

Krista also commented: Fundraising with Continue to Give was Great! Donors said it was really easy! Faith based!

See how your fundraiser can take off just like Chances 4 Children! Set one up today!

Posted on: 09/19/2014

According to ABC News, the number of smartphone users has grown almost 200%!!!!
Mobile fundraising is a sleeping giant that needs to be awakened.
How can you tap into this opportunity? By offering mobile ways to donate!

Mobile Donations are Easy and Convenient for Your Giver!

Love Auction

Let's face it most people have their cellphones on them 24/7. Cellphone users have even admitted that if they forgot their phone they would go back for it even if it meant being late for work, class, appointments, etc. Cell phones are practically an extension of an Americans body. This leads us to a big discovery! People may not have their checkbook on them and they might not carry cash anymore, but they are always carrying their phone.

So why is that exciting? Because they have no excuse to not donate to your cause! With today's technology receiving donations from a mobile device is easier than ever. With QR codes that are scannable to smartphones and text to donate numbers, collecting donations is open to a whole new avenue.

If your charity is going to survive you need to break into the technology age. This means being able to accept mobile donations.

Where can you get set up for mobile fundraising?

Glad you asked! Sign up with our free fundraising profile and we will set you up with two different mobile fundraising options!

Individuals, Missionaries, Adoption, Medical, Personal Fundraisers Click Here!

Churches Click Here!

Nonprofits Click Here!

1. Have a scannable QR code

QR Code

2. Have a Text to Donate Number

QR Code

Don't let someone walk away from donating because they forgot their checkbook! Have a mobile option ready for them!

Posted on: 09/12/2014

What is a Love Auction?

A love auction is an online silent auction done on facebook. Love Auctions are great for adoption fundraisers but can also be used for any fundraiser!

Love Auction

How can I do a Love Auction?

Doing a love auction is simple. First you need merchandise like give-a-way baskets, soaps, gift cards, jewelry, etc; anything that you would normally find at a silent auction or anything you could sell.

A Love Auction

Take really nice pictures of each item individually. Post these pictures in a single album on your facebook and name it Love Auction for (Your Fundraiser Name).

Have your friends bid on items by leaving a comment under the picture with a price they are willing to pay.

Once your auction has ended, go through each picture and see who has the highest bid. Inform the winner that they have the highest bid and give them the link to your Continue to Give fundraising page or Giving page to donate that amount owed.

Once they pay, contact them to see when they would like to pick up their purchased silent auction item or if you need to mail it to them ask for their address.

Tips for Success

Advertise your intention for a love auction at least two weeks in advance. Send out reminders and get people excited for the products they can bid on!

Have a minimum bid for items. For example: if you have a $25 gift card make the minimum at least $15.

Explain that the only increments of bidding are in dollars not pennies. For example, have people use dollar units and to not up their bid by $.01.

Posted on: 09/02/2014
Online Giving

Online, mobile, and kiosk giving has become very important in this day in age for your congregation. If your church needs online giving that is user friendly and secure checkout Continue to Give's online, mobile, and kiosk option for electronic giving!

Sign up with Continue to Give for transaction rates starting at as little as .5% with no setup or monthly costs and:

  1. Accept tithes and donations on your organization's website
  2. Have mobile, kiosk, and online options for donors to give
  3. Create unlimited projects
  4. Have missionary support
  5. Accept Credit Card and ACH payments for donations
  6. Let your donors set up recurring donations
  7. Connect with your blog and keep donors up to date
  8. Use crowdfunding to reach your goals
  9. Collect Registration fees
  10. Contact your donors with an internal mailing system
  11. And so much more!

Learn More About Our Rates for Online Giving for Churches

Learn More About Our Rates for Online Giving for Nonprofits

If you would like to talk to one of our representatives to learn more about Continue to Give and online giving call us at 800-684-0550 FREE today!

Posted on: 08/25/2014

Fundraising with Tupperware

Great for adoptions, personal fundraisers, missionaries, youth groups, and whatever else you might be fundraising for!


Meet Kristin

My name is Kristin! I would love to kick start your fundraiser by offering you 40% of tupperware sales. Give me a call today and I can send you your free tupperware catalogs so you can start selling tupperware and start reaching your fundraising goal!

Start your fundraiser with me today by calling me at 407-718-9133!

Click here for my website!
Click here for my facebook page!

What's in it for you and How it works

You keep 40% of your tupperware sales!

  1. Contact Kristin to get your free catalogs
  2. Tell everyone you know that you are selling tupperware for your fundraiser
  3. Show them all of the different tupperware they can purchase from your brochure
  4. Have them pay for the tupperware on your Continue to Give profile page or set up a Giving Page for your tupperware sale
  5. Once you have a big order of tupperware from your supporters, order their tupperware and pay 60% of your sales. You keep the rest!

Q & A

Q: How do I get my tupperware catalog to show people what they can buy? Does it cost anything?

A: You can contact Kristin to get your catalogs. No, there is no cost for these.

Q: How do I get the tupperware to the people that ordered it? Do I have to pay shipping?

A: Kristin will send all of your tupperware to your house, church, or non-profit's address. No, you will not be charged for shipping.

Q: Do I have to pay anything to start?

A: No, you do not pay anything upfront. You only owe 60% of your tupperware sales to purchase the tupperware for people that have already ordered and you keep the other 40%!

Q: Is there a minimum that I have to sell?

A: No, there is no minimum.

Posted on: 08/20/2014

Continue to Give

We want to help you reach your goal!

Continue to Give has teamed up with Resources for Adoption to bring you support, advice, and even more tools than before to bring your child home!



We know adoption is expensive and raising the needed funds can be difficult. Thats why we are here to help you!

Remember you are not alone! A lot of families have fundraised for their adoption and have met their goal and you can to!

Besides just giving you the tools you need to collect from donors we want to give you tools on how to fundraise and other support groups and avenues that you will need along the way!

Resources for Adoption

Resources4adoption, Inc. is a Kansas based Non-profit organization dedicated to helping unite orphans with their forever families by removing financial barriers to adoption and supporting foster and adoptive families.

Resources 4 Adoption

Visit Resources for Adoptions website for adoption information kits, grant options, and so much more!

Adoption Consultant

Our Adoption Consultant: Tina Jensen

If you want to talk with someone who has been in the same boat as you, had to fundraise an adoption, had to march through all the paperwork and regulations, then we have you covered!

We have an on staff consultant who just recently adopted from Ethiopia! Tina is ready to answer your adoption questions and get you in the right direction. Some highlighted insight to what she can help you with:

  1. Fundraising Ideas
  2. LoveAuctions
  3. Legalities
  4. Support
  5. Getting Started
  6. And so Much More

If you would like to get in contact with Tina and get the advice you need you can email her at: [email protected]

Tina Jensen's Consulting is a free service with your Continue to Give profile!

Be prepared to achieve your goal!

Posted on: 08/19/2014

Fundraising Idea

Don't know what to use your QR codes for? Check this out!

Donation Business Cards

Donation Business Cards

Get creative by putting your QR code and the name of your adoption or personal fundraiser on a business card. Keep them in your purse or car in case you meet someone who wants to donate. Simply hand out the card and they can donate with their phone, or they can take it home and donate later. Who knows they may donate and share you card with someone else!

Stay tuned for more ideas or submit your fundraising idea by email [email protected] to have it spotlighted in a newsletter!

Posted on: 08/13/2014